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Workers' Compensation

LexisNexis Top 25 Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues - 2010 Honorees

The LexisNexis Workers' Compensation Law Community has selected its 2010 honorees for the Top 25 Blogs for Workers' Compensation and Workplace Issues. Congratulations to all the honorees!

We thank our community members and Larson's National Workers' Compensation Advisory Board members for giving us their input.

These top blogsites contain some of the best writing out there on workers' compensation and workplace issues. They contain a wealth of information for the workers' compensation community with timely news items, practical information, expert analysis, practice tips, frequent postings, and helpful links to other sites.

These blogsites also show us how workplace issues interact with politics and culture. Moreover, they demonstrate how bloggers can impact the world of workers' compensation and workplace issues.

This year we've categorized the top blogs to honor new blogs to watch, national-oriented blogs, state-specific blogs, niche blogs, and safety and employer-related blogs. You can view the complete list below.

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Columbus Workers’ Compensation Law Blog
Published by Philip J. Fulton Law Office

One of the best newcomers in 2010 is Columbus Workers’ Compensation Law Blog by the Philip J. Fulton Law Office. Mr. Fulton is the author of the widely cited Ohio Workers’ Compensation Law (LexisNexis) publication and a leading claimant’s attorney. The Blog provides informative and interesting analysis from workers’ compensation judicial decisions in Ohio and reports on injured workers throughout the Buckeye state, reflecting Mr. Fulton’s passion for helping injured workers and their families. Perusing the posts about injured workers in Columbus Workers’ Compensation Law Blog will remind readers of the potential risks and injuries that workers face every day.

Navigable Waters
Published by Mouledoux, Bland, Legrand & Brackett

As the Blog's name indicates, a primary focus of Navigable Waters is maritime law, but the Blog is actually much more. It houses an excellent and active discussion of issues related to the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, the Defense Base Act and, as a lagniappe for the firm's Louisiana friends, there are quite a few posts on that state's law. Much of the LHWCA and DBA content is ably written by attorney Jon Robinson. Recent discussions include a thorough analysis of the "vessel status" holding in Stewart v. Dutra Construction Co., which, as the Blog notes, in early October the Supreme Court of the United States refused to review, and an excellent discussion of purely emotional injuries under the Jones Act and general maritime law by attorney Will Bland.

Work Comp Complex Care Blog
Published by Total Medical Solutions

While only a year old, Work Comp Complex Care Blog leads the way in providing thought provoking insight into the complex problems that confront employers and workers’ compensation claimants who must deal with ongoing, long-term medical care. Yvonne Guibert provides well written analysis and recommendations on issues such as obesity, cancer-causing chemicals, smoking, musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders, chronic pain, and physical therapy, and the impact of such medical issues on the participants and the workers’ compensation system. This Blog includes YouTube videos and links for resources that can used to build a Workers’ Comp Toolbox.


Comp Time by Roberto Ceniceros
Published by Business Insurance

Comp Time, written by talented business journalist Roberto Ceniceros, offers invaluable news summaries and learned analysis about risk management, business insurance and workers' compensation. A sampling of the issues covered by Ceniceros include the underground economy, workers' compensation fraud, guns in the workplace, and abuse of controlled substances and prescription drugs. Those who are pressed for time should turn first to Comp Time to get a broad overview of current developments in the field.

Workers’ Comp Insider
Published by Lynch Ryan

Consistently at the top of the heap when it comes to workers' comp blogs, the Workers’ Comp Insider is a rare combination of breadth and depth. Now in its eighth year, the Insider covers comp issues, risk management, business insurance, and workplace health and safety from Anchorage to Miami. It provides in-depth analysis concerning workplace legislation, occupational medicine, and best practices from Maine to Hawaii. It should be in the "favorites" folder of every comp attorney's web browser.


Colorado Workers Comp Blog
Published by Richard E. Falcone, Esq.

One of the best written blogs for practitioners, Colorado Workers Comp Blog is an award winning source of news, commentary, legislative and administrative updates, and judicial decisions on Colorado Workers’ Compensation law and Social Security Disability law. Colorado Springs Attorney Richard Falcone writes from the perspective of the injured and disabled worker in an engaging and informative style, focusing on current topics such as the use of social media by clients, injuries from high heels, employer surveillance of injured employees, and Pinnacol Assurance, Colorado's state-chartered worker's compensation insurance fund.

Course and Scope: Connecticut Workers' Compensation
Published by James Aspell, Esq.

Although Jim Aspell has practiced law in Connecticut for 24 years and is a one of only 52 designated "Worker's Compensation Specialists" by the Connecticut Bar Association, Course and Scope: Connecticut Workers’ Compensation includes topical observations on national workers’ compensation issues as well as Connecticut law and procedure, weaving together news, analysis, and commentary from the employee’s perspective. Aspell provides his unique insight into such current topics as distracted drivers, Lyme disease, oil spills, employer surveillance, and sexual assault by supervisors.

Delaware Detour & Frolic
A workers’ comp law blog by Cassandra Roberts, Esq.

Delaware Detour & Frolic continues to be one of the most notable state-specific workers' compensation blogs. Written by Cassandra Roberts, a senior partner at Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP, the Blog's clear and objective posts on a broad range of comp issues continue to be relied upon by attorneys and employers within the state of Delaware. Ms. Roberts represents both claimants and employers and is a well-respected voice in the field of workers' compensation. Particularly compelling recently has been her discussion of Utilization Review issues inside her state.

EAMS Blogs Reference Page
Published by California Division of Workers’ Compensation

This year we want to recognize the achievements of the California Division of Workers’ Compensation, the only state workers’ compensation agency that we know of that has embraced the open web and what blogging is all about. In 2010 Judge Colleen Casey posted a series of blogs, which were officially approved by the Division, to help lawyers, insurance companies, lien claimants, and others avoid traps and pitfalls when it comes to using the often-controversial Electronic Adjudication Management System (EAMS) for filing workers’ compensation documents. We salute Judge Casey, whose light-handed approach to explaining EAMS has helped stakeholders navigate this new e-filing system.

George the Bartender Series
Published by Kegel, Tobin & Truce, Attorneys at Law
Neatly tucked away within the Kegel, Tobin & Truce web site is a gem for anyone "seriously" interested in workers' compensation. Entitled "George is the Bartender Series," the Blog consists of a generous selection of memos written by defense practitioner, Joe Truce, on all sorts of workers' compensation issues. As is reflected in the memos, Joe likes to unwind at a Hyatt Hotel bar where George serves drinks and conversation. George has a vested interest in many of the conversations; in addition to tending bar, he is a carpal tunnel syndrome claimant and is represented by Ron Summers, who frequents the watering hole on quite a few occasions as well. The Blog makes for a very lively and entertaining read, combined with an excellent, reasoned discussion of workers' compensation issues within the state of California.

Georgia Workers Compensation Blog
Moderated by Attorney Jodi Ginsberg

For more than four years, Jodi Ginsberg has been writing incisive case studies, providing easy to read observations about the Georgia workers’ compensation process, and answering questions about workers’ compensation law. Her case studies provide detailed information on the many different types of injuries that employees encounter in the workplace and analysis on how those injuries fit into the workers’ compensation system. Although best known for its case studies, Georgia Workers Compensation Blog covers other topics as well, such as social media posting by claimants, surveillance by employers, Medicare set asides, and fraud.

Massachusetts Workers' Compensation Lawyer Blog
Published by Altman & Altman LLP

The law firm of Altman & Altman focuses on Massachusetts case law and developing trends in their Blog, but they include a liberal sprinkling of national, and even international, workers’ compensation news that will be of interest to their readers. Well written and insightful, they provide fresh, practical information on workplace hazards and the rights of injured workers. This year the Massachusetts Worker’s Compensation Lawyer Blog covered such newsworthy items as construction accidents, injuries to first responders, workplace fatalities, prescription drug overcharges, and even the United Kingdom’s National Fork Lift Safety Week.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Law Blog
Published by Virginia Hunt Law Office

Virginia Hunt’s Nevada Workers’ Compensation Law Blog provides informative news and updates on workers' compensation laws and helpful information on the workers’ compensation claims process. She tackles difficult and complex issues with the keen insight that reflects the hundreds of hearings and cases that she has participated in, first as a hearing officer and now representing injured workers. The Blog is an excellent resource for those who are pressed for time, providing easy to read analysis of topics such as casino workplace hazards, construction injuries, concurrent employment, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance Blog
Published by New York State Workers’ Compensation Alliance

The New York Workers’ Compensation Alliance Blog, published by a "coalition of injured workers and other stakeholders committed to protecting the rights of injured workers under the New York State Workers' Compensation Law," is a compendium of news, commentary, and discussion on virtually all issues pertaining to injured workers. Through its Blog posts, the Alliance offers strong advocacy. During the past year its criticism of the state's proposed Managed Adjudication Path ("MAP") and its commentary related to medical guidelines for permanent disability have been particularly compelling. The Alliance articulates its policy positions with effective passion.

North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Blog
Published by Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo, LLP

This Blog covers the gamut of workers’ compensation issues in North Carolina, while sprinkling in analysis and commentary about national and international issues that are of interest to practitioners. Charlotte Attorney Michael A. DeMayo does not hesitate to take on controversial and cutting-edge topics, including how the current economic environment impacts workers’ compensation, presenting them in clear and engaging prose. North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law Blog serves as a virtual water cooler for practitioners who need to stay on top of workplace safety and injury developments in both the judicial and administrative law arenas.

Published by Roland Legal PLLC

For over two years, workers’ compensation attorneys in the Bluegrass state have relied upon OUCH! for case analysis and worker’s compensation news. Published by Roland Legal PLLC, the Blog provides readers with useful commentary on a wide variety of workers’ compensation topics and links to additional information in a clean and easy to read format, serving as a one-stop resource for Kentucky Department of Workers’ Claims news, rulings of the state Workers’ Compensation Board, and announcements from the federal Mine Safety and health Administration.

Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Blog
Published by Brilliant & Neiman, LLC

Brilliant & Neiman, LLC, a law firm that proudly states that “Protecting injured workers in Pennsylvania workers' compensation matters is all we do!”, publishes Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Blog. The Blog, which has previously been honored as a Top Blog, capably furthers that motto by providing insightful explanations of current Pennsylvania court rulings that impact injured workers as well as practical information, such as using social networking, navigating the Pennsylvania court system, continuing legal education, and new medical treatments for injured workers.

Workers Comp Zone
Published by Julius Young, Esq.

From his engaging commentary about backroom haggling in Sacramento to his careful and incisive analysis of Guzman and other important California workers' compensation cases, Julius Young's Workers Comp Zone is a must read for California practitioners and case managers. His thoughts on a broad list of topics—EAMS, medical cost containment, Senatorial politics, to name a few—are well-reasoned and generally even-handed. Even if you don't agree with Julius, he will make you think. It is an entertaining and informative read for interested parties in other states as well.


Managed Care Matters
Published by Joseph Paduda

It is axiomatic in our society that the cost of health care continues to rise much faster than the cost of living. Managing the costs is an important component of any employer's business. For six years now, Managed Care Matters continues to be a must read for insurers, employers, and healthcare providers. Joseph Paduda's commentary on a broad range of topics—for example, Florida's repackaged drug controversy, workers' compensation medical fee schedules in California, Medicare Set Asides, rising medical costs in spite of growth in the utilization of provider networks—is incisive. Paduda does not run from controversy; he calls things as he sees them, providing an interesting read no matter what one's own stance on the issues.

The Official Medicare Set Aside Blog and Information Resource
Published by MEDVAL LLC

The Official Medicare Set Aside Blog provides up-to-date and pertinent analysis of one of the most complex areas within the workers' compensation arena: Medicare Set Asides. Of the many informative sections of the Blog, many readers turn first to the section entitled "Ask Jen." There, Jennifer Jordan, General Counsel for MedVal, provides clear answers to even the testiest MSA questions. The site includes in-depth commentary on a host of other issues, including post-settlement custodial administration, structured settlement funding and conditional payment negotiations.

Weekly Toll
Published by

A two-time previous winner, this is a much too long list, updated regularly, that sadly reminds us that every day on the job, from the factory to the construction site to the office, workers die at their place of employment. In addition, Tammy Miser and the other contributors provide links to many safety resources for workers and support resources for the families of those killed, while producing a must read reminder of the need to make our workplaces safer for all. Covering the entire country, Weekly Toll serves to highlight the toll that workplace fatalities impose upon our society.

Working Immigrants
Published by Peter Rousmaniere

A previous winner, Peter Rousmaniere provides insight into the rights and problems that confront working immigrants, including the availability of workers’ compensation. Working Immigrants included excellent commentary this year on the controversial Arizona immigration law, S.B. 1070, and Judge Bolton’s ruling on the challenges to that statute. His support for those who come to the United States and provide their physical and mental labors in our ever diverse economy stands out as an important voice in our national debate on immigration. Even those who have a different position on immigration issues than Rousmaniere will benefit from the information that he provides in his Blog.


Published by Kevin Jones

A winner last year as well, SafetyAtWorkBlog by Australian Kevin Jones is an excellent foreign OSHA and workers’ compensation product that features news and analysis of workplace issues on the other side of the globe. This straight forward Blog provides insight and informative content into international worker safety developments, marrying the law, business processes, medicine, and social concerns into thought provoking commentaries.

The Workers’ Comp Gazette
Published by WorkCompSeminars and Douglas Claims & Risks Consultants, Inc.

This excellent newsletter links together the latest legal, business, and public policy trends in workers’ compensation, OSHA compliance, and EEOC developments for employers and their representatives. The Gazette provides key information on return to work, workers’ compensation fraud, safety violations, and worker’s comp best practices. The Workers’ Comp Gazette is a must read for those who need regular updates on developments in the employment law area.

Workers’ Comp Kit Blog
Published by Amaxx Risk Solutions, Inc.

Particularly in these tough economic times, employers are searching for responsible methods of reducing their workers' compensation exposure. Workers’ Comp Kit Blog, whose special emphasis is cost containment, has helped meet this need for some years now. In addition to being a veritable fountainhead of succinct and pertinent legal and practical information, it serves also as a forum for employers to discuss workers' compensation cost containment techniques and strategies. Of particular note during 2010 was the Blog's treatment of return-to-work issues and its discussion regarding the danger (and expense) of having "average" cost containment systems and mechanisms. As noted by the Blog, the Titanic had an "average" number of lifeboats.

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