Workers' Compensation

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United States: Insurer Required to Defend in Spite of Workers’ Compensation Exclusion Clause
Posted on 9 Feb 2020 by Thomas A. Robinson

Construing Maine law, in spite of a provision in a general liability insurance policy excluding workers’ compensation matters from coverage, a federal district court held that a company’s general liability insurance carrier was required to... Read More

North Carolina: Auto Liability Insurer Need not Defend Action Against Co-Employee
Posted on 12 Oct 2019 by Thomas A. Robinson

An auto liability insurer need not defend a wrongful death action filed against its insured, a corporation that had temporarily borrowed an employee of a separate, but related corporate entity to drive one of its vehicles. Because the borrowed driver... Read More

United States: General Liability Insurer Need Not Defend Porn Studio in HIV Suit Filed by Actors
Posted on 8 Feb 2019 by Thomas A. Robinson

A panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals held that a California business liability insurer was not required to defend its insured—a pornography studio—in a suit filed against it by actors who contended, inter alia , that the insured defendant... Read More

Wisconsin: Comp Insurer Need Not Defend Employee Accused of Sexual Assault on Co-Employee
Posted on 27 May 2016 by Larson's Spotlight

An employer’s workers’ compensation insurer had no duty to defend an employee, Rydberg, who had been sued by af co-employee who claimed that Rydberg sexually groped her while both were at work on the employer’s premises. The Wisconsin... Read More