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Pennsylvania: Truck Driver May Sue Well Owner and Service Company in Tort -- No Statutory Employer Relationship
Posted on 27 Aug 2020 by Thomas A. Robinson

A divided Pennsylvania appellate court held a well owner and a separate firm that provided specialized services at the well were not statutory employers of a truck driver who contended he sustained injuries when a faulty storage tank value caused the... Read More

California: Exceptions to the Going and Coming Rule
Posted on 14 Aug 2015 by Calif. WCAB Noteworthy Panel Decisions Reporter

The “going and coming” rule is a deceptively simple one. There is no reference to the “going and coming” rule concept in the Labor Code. However, the rule has developed over time by case law, essentially holding that the employer... Read More

Texas: Remote Worker’s Injury Traveling From Motel to Work Site Not Barred by Going and Coming Rule
Posted on 19 Jun 2015 by Larson's Spotlight

A divided Supreme Court of Texas affirmed a determination that an employee was acting in the course and scope of his employment when he died in an automobile accident while traveling to a job site located some 40 miles from a motel where he as staying... Read More

Virginia: Even After Modifying Vehicle for Wheelchair, Employer Still Responsible for Transportation to Med Appointments
Posted on 21 Mar 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

A Virginia appellate court held that an employer was required to provide transportation to medical appointments for a permanently impaired employee who was wheelchair dependent in spite of the fact that it had earlier paid to modify the employee’s... Read More

Six Ways to Control Transportation-Related WC Costs
Posted on 9 Jun 2010 by

Asheville, NC (CompNewsNetwork) - While the average vehicle crash cost to an employer, according to the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) is $16,500, it rises to $74,000 when a worker is injured in the crash. Whether you manage... Read More

40% of All Workplace Fatalities Are Transportation Related
Posted on 10 May 2010 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

PORTLAND, OR - Portland, Oregon’s Lee Briney, CSP, American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) Columbia-Willamette Chapter President met with several trucking, state and federal officials to discuss the high tangible and intangible costs... Read More