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ACOEM Guidance on Marijuana in the Workplace: Keeping Employers Sane Amidst the Reefer Madness
Posted on 24 Apr 2015 by Karen C. Yotis

Karen C. Yotis, Esq., a Feature Resident Columnist for the LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation eNewsletter , provides insights into workplace issues and the nuts and bolts of the workers’ comp world. For a Schedule I drug with no currently... Read More

The Top 10 Bizarre Workers’ Compensation Cases for 2015
Posted on 3 Jan 2016 by Thomas A. Robinson

Last November, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 24th Annual National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference in Las Vegas. My session was a spin-off of what has become one of my most popular annual blog offerings—a presentation... Read More

WA: Traveling Employee Rule Doesn’t Save Drunken Employee’s Dune Buggy Claim
Posted on 11 Apr 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

A claims adjuster who had been assigned remote duties in connection with the devastation to Galveston Island caused by Hurricane Ike and who drank one evening to the point of intoxication did not remain within the scope of employment under the traveling... Read More

An Alarming Mortality and Morbidity Trend Among Middle-Aged White Non-Hispanic Americans Suggests Implications for Ability to Work
Posted on 3 Dec 2015 by Thomas A. Robinson

Despite strides in medical care, mortality/morbidity is rising among this important demographic due to drugs, alcohol, suicide, liver disease and cirrhosis According to a study recently released by two Princeton University economists, the broadly observed... Read More

Five Recent Cases You Should Know About (8/20/2010)
Posted on 20 Aug 2010 by Larson's Spotlight

Larson's Spotlight on Retaliatory Discharge, Subrogation, Ex Parte Communication, Volunteer Firefighter, Initial Physical Aggressor. Larson's surveys the latest case developments that you need to know about. Thomas A. Robinson, the staff writer... Read More

Halloween and the Workplace: 'Things That Go Bump in the Night'
Posted on 27 Oct 2010 by Thomas A. Robinson

From goulies and ghosties And long-leggedy beasties And things that go bump in the night Good Lord, deliver us! From the Cornish or West Country Litany, 1926 Throughout the calendar year, employees within the workplace must attend to their... Read More

DC: Court Denies Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Claim of Worker Who Underwent Drug and Alcohol Testing
Posted on 6 Jul 2010 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA - The District of Columbia Court of Appeals has affirmed the finding of an ALJ that a fired PEPCO worker was not entitled to workers' compensation benefits with respect to his claim of post-traumatic stress disorder. While working... Read More

LA: Receptionist’s Alleged Rape by Lawyer Not Barred by Exclusive Remedy Rule
Posted on 15 Jun 2010 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

LA: Receptionist’s Alleged Rape by Lawyer Not Barred by Exclusive Remedy Rule LAKE CHARLES, LA - The Third Circuit Court of Appeal has ruled that a receptionist could sue her former employer for negligence, this after she alleged she was raped... Read More