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New Jersey: Leased Worker's Tort Action Against Borrowing Employer Barred by Exclusivity
Posted on 27 Aug 2020 by Thomas A. Robinson

A tort action filed by a worker who had been assigned to a firm that utilized forklifts in its warehouse area cannot proceed since the worker's exclusive remedy was pursuant to the New Jersey Workers' Compensation Act, held a state appellate court... Read More

Federal: Kentucky Widow May Not Sue Staffing Company Regarding Employee/Husband’s Death
Posted on 30 Sep 2016 by Thomas A. Robinson

The widow and the estate of a construction worker may not pursue a wrongful death action against a construction staffing company regarding the worker’s death in a work-related accident where the worker interviewed directly with one of the staffing... Read More

Payroll Company Liable for Temp Worker’s Injuries: Cal. Comp. Cases July Advanced Postings (7/10/2014)
Posted on 10 Jul 2014 by California Compensation Cases Staff

Here’s the third batch of advanced postings for July 2014 issue of Cal. Comp. Cases. and Lexis Advance subscribers can link to the case to read the complete headnotes and summaries. © Copyright 2014 LexisNexis. All rights reserved... Read More

New Jersey: Golf Course Superintendent’s Tort Action for Bunkhouse Injury Barred by Exclusivity
Posted on 12 Sep 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

Applying Professor Larson’s three-part test for assessing whether a special employee relationship has formed, a New Jersey appellate court found that a golf course superintendent was the employee of both a management company that operated a golf... Read More

New York: Temporary “Leased” Employee Barred From Suing Borrowing Employer
Posted on 22 Sep 2014 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

A temporary worker employed by an agency, who was assigned as a coat checker at the Faculty House of Columbia University, could not maintain a tort action against the university for injuries she sustained when she tripped over a threshold near the Faculty... Read More

Indiana: Temporary Worker’s Tort Suit Against Employer To Whom He or She is Assigned Held Barred
Posted on 29 Aug 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

Citing earlier precedent from the state’s Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals of Indiana held that for purposes of the Workers’ Compensation Act a “leased” or temporary employee is generally considered the joint employee of both... Read More

Federal: Leased Employee May Not Sue Leasing “Employer”
Posted on 9 Jun 2016 by Larson's Spotlight

Where corporation A supplied licensed truck drivers to corporation B—an affiliated entity—under a three-year agreement under which the drivers worked at B’s facilities, but remained employees of A, who paid the drivers their wages and... Read More