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Morbidity, Disability, Cost, Pain & Distress: Exposing the True Burden of Workers’ Compensation
Posted on 30 Jul 2017 by Karen C. Yotis

By Karen C. Yotis, Esq., Feature Resident Columnist, LexisNexis Workers’ Compensation eNewsletter A resolute new analytic essay about the substantial impact that the underestimation of workers’ comp risk has on national welfare and public... Read More

An Alarming Mortality and Morbidity Trend Among Middle-Aged White Non-Hispanic Americans Suggests Implications for Ability to Work
Posted on 3 Dec 2015 by Thomas A. Robinson

Despite strides in medical care, mortality/morbidity is rising among this important demographic due to drugs, alcohol, suicide, liver disease and cirrhosis According to a study recently released by two Princeton University economists, the broadly observed... Read More