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California: Rescission of Compromise and Release Not Duly Executed
Posted on 7 Jun 2014 by Calif. WCAB Noteworthy Panel Decisions Reporter

Noteworthy panel decision illustrates the Board's powers to set aside a settlement both before and after the settlement becomes final An Appeals Board panel has rescinded a WCJ’s 8/8/2013 Order Approving Compromise and Release purporting... Read More

Vermont Workers’ Compensation Update April to June 2010
Posted on 30 Jul 2010 by Keith J. Kasper

New Statute took effect June 1. Key portions: Prior to Form 27 being approved adjuster must inform Department whether claimant has been out of work for more than 90 days and if so, that VR services have been offered to Claimant. Also, adjuster must submit... Read More