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Arizona: Police Officer’s PTSD Claim is Not Compensable
Posted on 28 Jul 2021 by Thomas A. Robinson

In a divided decision, an Arizona appellate court affirmed the denial of a police officer’s PTSD claim, agreeing with the state’s Industrial Commission that the officer had failed to show that he had been subjected to “unexpected, unusual... Read More

Nevada: Police Officer's Injuries on Personal Motorcycle Found Compensable
Posted on 27 Aug 2020 by Thomas A. Robinson

Construing a special "law enforcement" exception to Nevada's going and coming rule, the Supreme Court of Nevada held that a police officer's injuries sustained in a private motorcycle accident as he rode home after being released early... Read More

Virginia: Wrongful Death Action Related to Death of Police Recruit From Blow to Head in Training Barred by Exclusivity
Posted on 22 Sep 2014 by LexisNexis Workers' Comp Law Newsroom Staff

The Supreme Court of Virginia affirmed the dismissal of a widow’s wrongful death action filed against the chief of police of the City of Norfolk and other police officials following the death of her husband, who died after receiving several blows... Read More

Texas: Police Sergeant’s Widow May Not Recover Wrongful Death Benefits Against Police Department
Posted on 8 Apr 2016 by Larson's Spotlight

A widow’s civil action to recover damages from the Houston Police Department related to an incident in which her husband, a police sergeant, was killed in the line of duty by a man who was present in this country illegally, and who was subsequently... Read More

Applicant Precluded From Reopening Psychiatric Claim: Cal. Comp. Cases July Advanced Postings (6/29/2016)
Posted on 30 Jun 2016 by California Compensation Cases Staff

Here’s the latest batch of advanced postings for the July 2016 issue of Cal. Comp. Cases. and Lexis Advance subscribers can link to the case to read the complete headnotes and summaries. © Copyright 2016 LexisNexis. All rights... Read More

Termination Due to Fiscal Reasons as Insufficient Basis to Deny LC 4850 Benefits: Cal. Comp. Cases May Advanced Postings (5/13/2015)
Posted on 13 May 2015 by California Compensation Cases Staff

Here’s the fourth batch of advanced postings for May 2015 issue of Cal. Comp. Cases. and Lexis Advance subscribers can link to the case to read the complete headnotes. © Copyright 2015 LexisNexis. All rights reserved. City... Read More