Workers' Compensation

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California: Exclusive Remedy Provision Bars Separate Suit Related to Asbestos-Laden Pipes Carried Home for Home Projects
Posted on 25 Sep 2015 by Larson's Spotlight

Where survivors of a worker who died of asbestos-related mesothelioma sued the employer, a pipe manufacturer, for wrongful death, alleging that in addition to his workplace exposure to asbestos, the worker was also permitted to take waste or scrap pipe... Read More

New York: Exposure to Potato Chip Seasoning Caused Employee’s Pulmonary Condition
Posted on 3 Jan 2014 by Larson's Spotlight

A New York appellate court recently affirmed a finding by the state’s Workers’ Compensation Board that awarded benefits to a worker who claimed he suffered from an occupational disease or condition in the form of chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis... Read More

Alabama: Receipt of Short-Term Disability Benefits Does Not Always Toll Statute of Limitations for Filing Occupational Disease Claim
Posted on 23 Oct 2015 by Larson's Spotlight

Receipt of short-term disability benefits under an employer-sponsored plan does not toll the two-year statute of limitations for the filing of an occupational disease claim in Alabama where there was nothing in the paperwork associated with the benefits... Read More