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Nexis Diligence+™︎: Taking Your Due Diligence to a Higher Level

When it comes to business, it’s important to have high standards—especially when evaluating risk and protecting your reputation. To do so requires a comprehensive due diligence process that’s powered by information that you can trust. And with so many other responsibilities to manage, it can be difficult to perform an appropriately thorough due diligence investigation on a short timeline.

If you’re looking to bring scale, efficiency and ease to your due diligence processes, the answer is Nexis  Diligence+: the most diligent due diligence solution. With a combination of sophisticated, intuitive technology and an unmatched collection of global data, it’s never been easier to help quickly identify threats, avoid chaos, make more informed decisions, and earn profit responsibly. Here are a few features of Nexis Diligence+ to get excited about.

Enhanced due diligence, at scale.

If you’re making critical business decisions, time is of the essence, and Nexis Diligence+: comes equipped with high volume, scalable searching capabilities that allow you to conduct your due diligence quickly and thoroughly. Your team will be able to check multiple companies or individuals in one easy search, streamlining your research process and saving time that can be spent on other areas of your business.

Focused results, faster.

Nexis Diligence+ enables you to launch a search and derive focused results at exponentially faster speeds. Advanced data analytics deliver significant process efficiencies for risk professionals.

Manage entities in a single view.

The table view in Nexis Diligence+ gives you the ability to view, refresh, compare, and set alerts for your previously searched for entities from the same place.

Unmatched collection of content.

With a wealth of enriched data, you can feel confident that you’ll have a comprehensive, view of any person or company. Develop fully formed, data-driven risk profiles with insights gleaned from:

  • An unrivaled collection of reputational, legal, and financial content—including sanctions, blacklists, Interpol watch lists, and more.
  • A global news archive that draws from more than 38,000 sources, some dating back 40 years.
  • A trove of legal documents, including cases, dockets, verdicts and more.
  • ESG ratings and news so you can determine who is (and isn’t) living up to their commitments.
  • The ability to maintain an auditable trail of your searches and findings.
  • The power to monitor ongoing activity by creating Alerts in crucial sources, such as Negative News, ESG News and Sanctions & Watchlists.

Plus, we add millions of documents to our system every day to help your team unlock the most current and valuable insights.

Are you ready to experience a higher level of due diligence? Try Nexis​ Diligence+ today.

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