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This article is useful for librarians and library staff in charge of electronic resources. If you have technical issues with your subscription, please feel free to contact your sales representative or call our toll-free customer support line at 800.897.3419

However, below are the most frequently asked questions with answers that should help you troubleshoot major technical issues with your subscription.

==Technical Issues==
===How Do I Tell if My Subscription Is Set up Correctly?===

LexisNexis Academic has been designed so that all subscribers have access to exactly the same content and features. Unlike other LexisNexis services, there are no optional modules. If you have access to the product then you can be confident that it has been set up correctly with the right options -- with one caveat. You should check your subscription to ensure that it includes the Company Dossier service. Please see the article on Academic Subscription Configuration.

===Why Am I Being Asked to Login?===

If you reach a login screen, you are more than likely not properly authenticated into the product. Academic runs off of IP Authentication, meaning that each subscription is tied to a range of IP addresses that are recognized when a user tries to use the product. If you are accessing Academic from an IP address that is not recognized, then you will reach a login screen.

To remedy this issue, please make sure that you are on the proper campus wifi or network. If you are trying to use Academic off-campus, remember to log into your library portal before using Academic. Once you login to the library portal, your remote IP address will be masked by your institution's credentials and you will be recognized as a valid subscriber.

In the case that you have logged in to your library portal and still cannot access Academic, please call the customer support number above, or contact us.

==Subscription Issues and FAQ==
===Is Remote Access Allowed? How Can My Users Access Academic From Off-Campus?===

Yes. Please see the article on Remote Access.

===Does LexisNexis Support OpenURL Article Linking?===

LexisNexis Academic does not accept OpenURL formatted queries itself, but it supports OpenURL link resolvers by providing a URL API that can be used to link to specific titles or retrieve specific documents.

===Does LexisNexis Support Federated Search?===

Yes. LexisNexis Academic provides an XML gateway that can be used by federated search systems. For more details and a list of the federated search systems currently supported, please see the article on Federated Search

===Is LexisNexis Content in My Discovery Service?===

Currently, LexisNexis Academic's Law Reviews are available for Discovery Service indexing. The LexisNexis Academic product team is working on a more comprehensive set of content for Discovery Service integration in the near future.

===Are durable URLs available in LexisNexis Academic?===

Use the Permalink Icon in most LexisNexis Academic documents for permanent links to documents. Permanent links to multiple documents are not currently available, but we provide tools and other resources to help.

===Can I Change the Home Page or Default Sources?===

No. LexisNexis Academic does not support customization such as changing the home page or specifying which sources appear on a search form. However, it does allow you to link directly to search form using the Academic URLs for Search Forms. If you would prefer your users start their search on the All News form, for example, you can display the All News URL on your library portal.