==Types of Reports==

As a database aggregator, the LexisNexis usage reporting and analysis system provides the Database 3 (DB3) report, which shows searches and sessions by database, and the Consortium 2 report.

LexisNexis does '''not''' provide JR1 and Consortium 1 reports showing retrievals by publication title, as these reports are not appropriate for aggregator databases.

LexisNexis provides additional data on document retrievals by database, with detail LexisNexis "library" and "file" classification. These data are available through the Analytical Tools described below.

The new system will support the [http://www.niso.org/workrooms/sushi/ SUSHI] standard for automated delivery of usage data.

==Products Covered==
Usage reports are provided for the following products, which have been developed for the U.S. higher education, secondary education, and public library markets.
*LexisNexis Academic
*LexisNexis Library Express
*LexisNexis Scholastic
*LexisNexis State Capital

Other products may be covered for customers outside the U.S.

==Dates Covered==
Monthly data on searches and retrievals will be provided for January 2008 forward. Data on session counts were not captured by LexisNexis before January 2009 and so are not available for 2008.

==Update Frequency==
Monthly data is uploaded to the system prior to end of the subsequent month. In practice, updates generally occur between the 10th and the 15th of the month.

==Getting Access to Your Reports==
To access your reports, you must register with LexisNexis to receive credentials and instructions. Only authorized employees of subscribing institutions may receive credentials. If you have registered for reports but forgotten your password, please go to the log in page and use the "Forgot My Password" feature.

*U.S. subscribers [http://support.lexisnexis.com/lnals Usage Reports Registration].

*Subscribers from other countries should register through their LexisNexis sales or customer service representative. For contact information, please see our [http://www.lexisnexis.com/worldwide.aspx Worldwide Selector].

*Log in page: [http://usage.lexisnexis.com/ http://usage.lexisnexis.com/].

==Analytical Tools==
In addition to providing reports in the text file format, the LexisNexis usage reporting system includes a powerful analytical interface. The analytical tools available in this interface allows users to analyze trends and select specific data elements for export. The screenshot below shows the trend view of searches in LexisNexis Academic by month for the fictitious "LexisNexis University." Instructions for using the tools are provided at the Help within the usage reporting system.