To access the Landmark Cases, follow this link:  Landmark Cases

About the Landmark Cases Page

The Landmark Cases page is located in the Legal section of Search by Subject or Topic menu.  This page is not a search form, but rather a list of direct links to historically significant Supreme Court opinions. These opinions are sorted alphabetically by topic, then by year, then alphabetically by party name.

This page is helpful because simply using the Federal and State Cases search form to search for a frequently-referenced case such as New York Times v. Sullivan may bring up many results. These direct links will guide you to the precise case and citation.

Shepard's Signals

Shepard's Citations let you know whether or not the Supreme Court decision made in a particular case is still good law today. Navigate to our Shepard's Citations article on the wiki to find out more information about this important tool.

Landmark Cases on the Federal and State Cases Search Form

You can link to the Landmark Cases from the Federal and State Cases search form.  Below the search box, you will see a listing of landmark cases topics from the Bill of Rights, in order by from which amendment they derive.  Clicking one of these links (or the All Topics link) will take you to the Landmark Cases page.

Additionally, you can link to opinions from recent United States Supreme Court decisions.  Click the link and you will see a listing of all Supreme Court opinions from the last year.