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Searching Using the Federal and State Cases Search Form

If you have a case citation or would like to search for opinions on a topic (e.g., "freedom of speech") across all of the federal and state courts, simply enter your citation or terms in the main search box and click Search.  To search for a citation, format your search using the CITE(citation) segment.

Hint:  To search by a citation where you are not sure of the correct format or reporter abbreviation, search by using the "pre/x" connector.  For example, to search for the US Supreme Court Case, United States v. Nixon, you can format your search as follows:  CITE(418 pre/3 683).

To limit your search by court, date, etc., open the Advanced Options:

You can limit your search by:

  • Date:  Input a specific date range in the From/To boxes or select the dates by clicking on the calendar icons.  You can also use the drop down to select from some of the most frequently used date options (e.g., previous year.)
  • Court:  Limit your search to one federal circuit court or one state or select a combination of state and federal jurisdictions.  Simply click the check box(es) next to the courts that you want to search.
  • Segment:  Use the Build Your Own Segment Search to limit your search to a specific judge (JUDGES), to only dissenting opinions (DISSENT), or to the headnotes or summary of the case.  Simply select the segment or segments that you want from the drop down, insert your search terms in the parentheses, and insert any connectors between them.
Click on the Apply button to add all of your selections to your search.