To access the Legal Reference form, follow this link:  Legal Reference

About the Legal Reference Search Form

The Legal Reference search form is in the Legal section of Search by Subject or Topic menu.  This search form allows you to search within legal reference materials to gain a better understanding of legal topics or to find the definition of a legal term.  It will also allow you to search lawyer directories and a wide selection of federal government document.  These resources will provide you with a wealth of background material on legal topics you may be researching.

To being, simply enter your search term and click Search to search across all of the legal reference materials.

To limit your search to a particular source (for example, searching the Law Dictionary for a definition), open the Advanced Options and choose the sources that you want to search.

Further refine your search by using the Build Your Own Segment Search tool.  For example, look for attorneys in your city by using the CITY segment in the Legal Directories or go right to the word that you are looking for by using the TERM segment in the Law Dictionary.