==About the Web News Tab==
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LexisNexis Academic will now include results from the open web via our new Web News Tab. The Web News search is triggered when the user runs a search using a large news group file, such as "Major World Publications," "Newspapers," or "All News." Web News hits populate in a separate tab in Results List view, as pictured on the right.

WebNews searches over 300 LexisNexis-vetted news sites at once. No matter if you’re doing a segment search or a highly-involved Boolean search, the WebNews functionality will apply the exact same search to find results from the open web. Even if our database returns zero results, WebNews results will still populate.

WebNews results will also include content from a variety of newspapers not otherwise available in LexisNexis Academic. This wonderful new functionality will provide access to content from those 100+ newspapers inside of the Academic product.

==How to Use Web News==
===Terms & Connectors Search===
Before you construct your search, keep in mind that the Web News functionality will always run a Terms & Connectors search, even if you are running a Natural Language search.

===How to Trigger a Web News Search===
Running a search against any of the following large news group files will trigger a Web News Search:
*News, All (English, Full Text)
*Magazine Stories, Combined
*Newspaper Stories, Combined Papers
*Wire Service Stories
*All Newswires
*Major Newspapers
*UK Newspapers
*UK Publications
*UK Wire Service Stories
*News, Most Recent Two Years (English, Full Text)
*US Newspapers and Wires
*Non-US Newspapers and Wires
*News, Most Recent 90 Days (English, Full Text)
*News, Most Recent 60 Days (English, Full Text)
*Web Publications Combined
*Major World Publications
*Major World Newspapers
*Major World Publications - Most Recent 90 Days
*News, Most Recent 14 Days (English, Full Text)
*Web Blogs
*Major Non-US Newspapers
*Major US Newspapers
*Global Publications: Non-US
*US Publications

===Segment Searching===
Since content in the Web News tab has been indexed and segmented by LexisNexis, segment searching is possible and easy!

For example, if you would like to find news articles about Hurricane Sandy, you may want to run the segment search HLEAD(Hurricane Sandy). This segment search will return only articles with "Hurricane Sandy" in the headline and lead paragraph. This search will apply to the Academic collection of full-text content, but also to our Web News content.

===Web News-Only Content===
LexisNexis Academic Web News provides access to content not otherwise available in LexisNexis Academic. Newspapers such as <i>The Sacramento Bee</i>, <i>The Chicago Sun-Times</i>, and <i> the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette</i> and over 100 more are now included in our Web News collection. All of the content available from these newspapers online is now included in our Web News search.

To search Web News-Only Content, head to the Advanced Search Form:
[[Image: WebNews_Only2.jpg|right|thumb|Step 4.]]
[[Image: WebNews_Only.jpg|right|thumb|Steps 1-3.]]

# Type the PUBLICATION() string and insert a newspaper title. In this case, <i>The Orlando Sentinel</i>
# Select a large news group file like "Major World Publications"
# Click Search.
# Click the "Check for Web Results" link.

==List of Sources included in Web News==
[http://www.amdev.net/docs/Full_Academic_Webnews_Sources.xlsx Click here] to download an Excel spreadsheet of the over 300 web sources in LexisNexis Academic.

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