==New Mobile Interface==
[[Image: LNAMobilePreview.jpg|right|300px]]
The beta release of the mobile interface of LexisNexis Academic was released on June 22, 2011. To access the mobile interface, click on the "Beta Tools" section of LexisNexis Academic, or access the mobile interface directly at:
[http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/lnacademic/mobile http://www.lexisnexis.com/hottopics/lnacademic/mobile]

==On-Campus Access and Remote Access==
Users within campus IP ranges who access Academic from campus wifi or a wireless network will be authenticated directly into Lexisnexis Academic. Off-campus users will need to log into LexisNexis Academic via their library's portal. <b>We encourage libraries to add the mobile interface URL to their library portal's list of databases for easy access.</b>

The LexisNexis Academic Mobile Interface will work with most mobile devices like iPhones or Androids. However, Blackberry users may experience some difficulties with the Blackberry Operating System. The Mobile Interface works best with Blackberry 6, but Blackberry 5 is also supported. Blackberry users with an Operating System version lower than 5 will not be able to execute a search on the interface. To find out which Blackberry OS Version you have, click on "Options" and then "About".

LexisNexis Academic users will notice that the mobile interface looks very similar to the widgets on the Easy Search form. These mobile forms provide a quick news, business, or legal search for users on the go. While not all of the content in the full version is accessible through the mobile interface, basic searches can be executed quickly and easily. Full results lists or single documents can be e-mailed to users for later access.

===Search the News===
The news search is a Natural Language search. The form also allows you to narrow your search to: <br>
*Today's News
*Previous 2 Weeks
*Previous 90 Days
*Previous 2 Years
*All Available Dates.
===Look up News Article===
The News Article search is a Boolean Search that will allow the user to enter an author name, title, and pick a specific source to search through. The publication box has a type-ahead feature found on the Easy Search, Power Search, and All News forms in Full Academic.
===Look up Legal Case===
This form searches all Federal & State cases by citation only.
===Look up Company Dossier===
This search allows you to enter a company name or ticker symbol. Executing the seach will load the Company Dossier snapshot of the particular company.

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