===Product Manager===

*Bill Madigan, Senior Product Manager, william.madigan@lexisnexis.com

===LexisNexis Subscriptions===
For information about our products or to report a problem with your subscription, please contact your account manager. The guide below shows the account manager for each U.S. state.
<br/>Subscribers outside the United States should contact their local LexisNexis representative. For contact information, please see our [http://www.lexisnexis.com/worldwide.aspx Worldwide Selector]

====Account Managers====

*Anne Borger | 800-227-9597 x 56617 | Anne.Borger@lexisnexis.com
*Ginger Cole | 800-227-9597 x 51259 | Ginger.Cole@lexisnexis.com
*Paul Rabe | 800-227-9597 x 57797 | Paul.Rabe@lexisnexis.com
*Sean Donegan | 800-227-9597 x 2473347 | Sean.Donegan@lexisnexis.com