LexisNexis Academic provides coverage of environmental science and policy through its extensive collection of news, legal materials, and company information.  There are several ways to tap into these resources:

Browsing the Source Directory for Environmental Resources

Browsing the Source Directory is an easy way to get an overview of the publications that are available on LexisNexis Academic by topic, publication type, or by geography.  You can browse the Source Directory by clicking on the Browse link at the top of the LN Academic home page.

To find News and Business publications relating to environmental issues:

  1. Click the radio button next to News and Business Topics.
  2. Select the Environment folder.
  3. To search one of the publications, click the check box next to the source name (you can select multiple publications).
  4. Click "OK-Continue" and you will be taken to a search box with your sources filled in.

To find legal publications that discuss environmental issues, you can select the Area of Law radio button in the Source Directory and choose the Environmental Law folder.  Then follow the steps above to search those publications.  LN Academic offers law review articles, court decisions, and expert analysis of environmental legal issues from a variety of perspectives.

Using the Index

You can also search more general news and business sources for articles about the environment by using index terms.

Try these Index Terms:

  • Ecology & Environmental Science
  • Environmental Regulation & Policy
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Pollution & Environmental Impacts
  • Climate Change
  • Global Warming