Each source in LexisNexis is assigned a Constant Source Identifier (CSI). Create a link to search within a source by inserting its CSI at the end of the following URL.


*For more details about building links see the article on the LexisNexis Academic URL API Specification.
*Source-level links are provided for all individual sources in the LexisNexis A-Z Title List posted on our [http://www.amdev.net/rpt_std_content.php Subscriber Tools] website.
*Group sources are not included in the A-Z Title List, but you can find the CSI for any source by locating it in the source directory then hovering your cursor over the "i" information icon. The CSI will appear in the status bar at the bottom of your browser as part of the URL for the source information. In the picture below, we see that California News Sources has the CSI 149356.

[[Image: Find_CSI.jpg]]

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