==About Google Translate in LexisNexis Academic==
[[Image: googletranslate.jpg|right]]On August 9th, LexisNexis Academic released new Google Translate functionality that will translate your entire results list or single documents into over 70 different languages. When the Google Translate drop-down box, as shown on right, appears in results list or document view, the user can open the drop-down box and select any of the languages shown. Upon selection, the page or document will automatically translate.

==Reasons to Use Google Translate==
*Use Google Translate to translate foreign language news back into English
*International students can translate all news content into a more preferred language.
*Students studying foreign languages can use Google Translate to practice their reading and speaking skills.

==Delivering Translated Documents==
Google Translate provides in-page only translation. Translated pages cannot be delivered using the following methods:
*Delivery to Cloud Storage
*Bibliographic Export (Citations cannot be exported in another language)
*Permalinking (Users cannot create a permalink to a translated document)

==YouTube Tutorial==
Coming Soon!
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