<center> '''Follow the instructions below to find a specific case in LexisNexis Academic.''' </center>
You can quickly find a case on LexisNexis Academic in various different ways. These are the two quickest and simplest ways. However, if you need a more narrow, specific search, use the "Federal & State Cases" form in the Search By Content Type section.

==Look up a Legal Case Widget==
[[Image: Main_Cases2.jpg|center|frame]]

#Click on the Look up a Legal Case Widget to expand
#Type in the citation number or party names
#Click Go

==Main Search Box==
[[Image: Main_Cases.jpg|center|frame]]

#Type your citation or party name in the main search box
#Click the Advanced Options section
#Deselect all of the other sources and focus your search to Federal & State Cases
#Click Apply
#Click Search