United States Supreme Court:  United States Supreme Court Cases and Briefs are available on LexisNexis Academic, searchable from the Federal and State Cases Search Form.

Federal Courts:  In addition to the Supreme Court, the Federal Courts system includes the United States Courts of Appeals, United States District Courts, and Bankruptcy Courts. They are arranged into 94 judicial districts, grouped into 12 regional circuits. In LexisNexis Academic, you can search for federal cases by circuit or by district.

State Courts:  Opinions from state courts are available from the same search form.  Coverage varies by jurisdiction, but all states include the decisions from the states highest court and many include decisions from intermediate courts of appeal or opinions from the state's attorney general.

United States Code Service:  The United States Code Service is the annotated edition of the United States Code that is published by LexisNexis.  Did you know you can browse the United States Code Service in LexisNexis Academic? From the Search by Subject or Topic menu, select Federal Statutes and Regulations.  Then open the Advanced Options.  Each source that is underlined is a link to a browsable version of that publication.

State Codes, Statutes, and Regulations:  State Statutes, Regulations, and Constitutions are accessible from the State Statutes and Regulations search form.  You can search across all states at once or select only the states that interest you.

Legal Reference:  This search form allows you to search within legal reference materials to gain a better understanding of legal topics or to find the definition of a legal term.  It will also allow you to search lawyer directories and a wide selection of federal government document.  These resources will provide you with a wealth of background material on legal topics you may be researching.