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Is Your University’s Brand at Risk Due to Negative Media Coverage?

Posted on 05-10-2016 by Kari Abitbol

 High tuition rates, financial aid hassles, broken air conditioners, dingy dorm rooms—sounds like the typical complaints of college students, right?  Yet, when students and alumni at one historical black college deluged Twitter® with these issues last fall, the hashtag #TakeBackHU quickly pushed the problems to a more public stage—with coverage on local news and in the Washington Post—and forced the university to go into crisis communications mode. This isn’t the first time that negative news about campus happenings has led to a PR problem, and it won’t be the last. In fact, earlier this year, a University in South Korea faced a firestorm of negative press when a photo of the hazing of a group of students went viral. In an age of 24/7 news and social media availability, University leaders increasingly recognize the importance of monitoring the media to allow for a proactive—rather than reactive—approach to dealing with negative news. See how we can help you stay ahead of the curve with media monitoring and analysis.


4 Reasons Universities Need Media Monitoring

  1. Empowered stakeholders—In addition to the administration, universities have parents, students, alumni, faculty, local community leaders and donors to answer to in a time of crisis. These stakeholders will be vocal about their support—or lack of it—for every decision made at the top.
  2. Viral media—Major news outlets are always looking for the next big story—and they monitor local and regional news, as well as social media channels, to see what’s trending. In addition, students and faculty tend to attract media attention when they speak out—especially if they unite for a common cause.
  3. Excessive velocity and volume—As we noted above, news can go viral quickly. What’s more, the volume of news in the media grows exponentially. Trying to keep up with the pace and quantity of news on your own is like trying to get a sip of water from a fire hose. With a media monitoring and analytics tool, you can cut through the clutter to stay on top of the news that matters most to your university, enabling you to protect your brand.
  4. Accountability—When scandals break, the blame moves up the ladder—even if you’re a revered head college basketball coach or the president of a storied university.  Media monitoring enables you to have a proactive crisis management approach and demonstrate the university’s commitment to transparency and addressing issues quickly.


How are you currently monitoring the media for negative news?


3 Ways to Apply This Information Now

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