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Top 10 Tips for #GivingTuesday Success

Posted on 11-15-2016 by Janelle Coates

 Guest written by: John Haydon
Co-Authored by: Kari Abitbol 

#GivingTuesday, a global day of giving fueled by social media, is growing in popularity as a major opportunity for nonprofits to capitalize on the generous spirit of the holiday season. Timed to contrast the commercialization of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday generated $116 million from 700,000 people across 70 countries just last year.

We recently hosted a webinar with John Haydon, a digital marketing and fundraising expert, which offered proven tips for successful #GivingTuesday campaigns. Below are some of his key takeaways:

  1. Prioritize Email – Email is the most cost-effective and lucrative channel for fundraising, especially when it comes to time-sensitive campaigns such as #GivingTuesday. When people sign up for email notifications, they are effectively inviting you into their inbox. This is why 34% of all online revenue for the top 25 nonprofits can be linked directly to an email.
  2. Issue a Welcome Series – When welcoming new subscribers, remember to ease them into your communications. It has been shown that the most effective way to do this is through a series of three welcome emails. This helps to educate people on who you are and what you do as well provide them the opportunity to get involved and contribute.
  3. Understand Your People – Before issuing any sort of communication, you must understand who you are targeting. Haydon recommends focusing on several key groups—first-time and repeat donors, small, mid-sized and major donors—and customizing messages for each group by what motivates them to support your cause.
  4. Use Your Database – Don’t forget to utilize your existing tools. Your donor database can help identify who is most likely to contribute, what events they have attended and other information that is key in understanding giving motivations.
  5. Collect Survey Information – Issue a one or two-question survey after someone has contributed asking why they donated. These survey results offer deeper insight into donor motivation that will guide future giving campaigns.
  6. Develop Your Story – Storytelling is a key component in modern-day fundraising. Haydon advises fundraisers to keep in mind three factors when developing a story: hook, which prompts an emotional reaction; hold, which presents a problem that needs to be solved; and payoff, which gives the prospect an opportunity to be the protagonist. Haydon also advises fundraisers to formulate a #GivingTuesday hook with a unique angle that competitors have not yet done.
  7. Write Down Your Plan – Preparing a written plan has been proven to generate more success. Make sure to identify who you are going to target from your database, map out what motivates them and include any partners and sponsors who can help realize your goal.
  8. Include a Timeline – A campaign timeline should include several key markers: soft launch to core supporters, hard launch to community, promotions and offers, event dates and a drop-dead date. The soft launch is of the utmost importance as this can provide vital feedback and concerns before the full launch to the broader community. It is particularly crucial to troubleshoot ahead of #GivingTuesday since it is a 24-hour campaign.
  9. Take Action on Your Plan – Create valuable and relevant content that supports your campaign and include in your web, email and social media campaigns. Images and videos are especially beneficial for storytelling and can be easily done using your mobile device.
  10. Create a Donor Circle – A donor circle is a small, hand-picked group of core donors that you can meet with once every quarter to gather feedback. Asking them questions about your communication, ways in which you can improve and other suggestions can provide valuable insight to improve future giving campaigns.


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