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Want to Start a Blog? 4 Must-Do’s from Passion to Research

Posted on 11-14-2017 by Korinne Bressler

We all consume, share and create content throughout the day…hundreds of pieces, but you live and breathe information. You are an expert and if you are an expert in a topic, you might want to put your thoughts out there, join the conversation and build up your reputation in the field. Not everyone,however, is cut out to be a blogger. You should know before you start if you can live up to a blog. It’s hard work and additional hours but successful bloggers do it because they believe in it and are passionate about their topic. Take a look at these “Musts” to make sure your blog is one that can make it.

Must # 1 – Be emotionally involved

Bloggers that rise to the top are those that really love to blog. They love to write. They love to share their knowledge and insights with others. They love the interplay between the writer and the reader.This passion shines through their posts and resonates with readers. Those that are doing it because “it’s my job” are sniffed out quickly.  Readers know when you’re not really into it.  

Must #2 – Be engaging

This one is tough for some who can’t shake stiffness or formality in their writing.  Here’s what readers call that style of writing—boring. Find your voice! You have a great personality that should shine through. Blogs are a casual, friendly relationship-building medium. Boring and lengthy titles, endless blocks of gray text, no graphics, and main points buried at the bottom are a few common mistakes that sap the bling out of blogs. 

Must #3 Be rabidly committed

One of the hardest things about starting a blog is finding your niche. You can doom your blog to failure by doing a repeat of something already out there. A good place to start? You! What subject interests you? What keeps you up at night? What gets you up in the morning? Do you have a unique experience? Find it—whatever it is—and focus on it and commit to it. Those who have found their niche and cover it well will succeed.

Must #4Be thorough

Okay. You started with your expertise. Now, back it up with others’. Research what other experts have been saying about your topic. If it has been around for a while, check the archives! Look for connections. Who is connected to whom or to which organizations? Follow those connections for expert advice, a new voice on your blog or to get an idea for your next topic. Create alerts on your research searches, topics, and more to continue and add to the conversation! Niche is good. Monitor your specific topic and share key news, events and trends that will interest your readers. Add visuals! Create charts that can be embedded into your posts for added interest and to explain complex topic.

Ways to Apply This Information Now:

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