Nexis Uni™ Launches Across U.S. Campuses Coast to Coast
Posted on 01-31-2018 by Lindsey Lambert

It’s official; the wait for Nexis Uni is over! Students who grew up googling now have an interface that comes with all the bells and whistles of advanced search platforms, but with simple, streamlined search designed to meet researchers’ needs... Read More

PM calls on investors to “use their influence” to encourage ethical business
Posted on 01-31-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Britain’s Prime Minister has said that investors can “make a big difference” by encouraging companies to act in a trustworthy way. Her call is just the latest sign that shareholders are applying more pressure on companies to behave ethically... Read More

5 Crisis Communication Tips Every Higher Education Institution Needs
Posted on 01-30-2018 by Alyssa Vorhees

Universities across the globe face different crises on a daily basis. The media has reported on everything from campus shootings and riots to hazing, hate crimes or another similar critical situation that can result in students feeling uncomfortable and... Read More

Harness the Power of History to Sharpen Your Data Today
Posted on 01-29-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Birthdays. Anniversaries. Hire dates. Business acquisitions. Product launches. From the moment we celebrate our first milestones to marking important business events, we learn early that history matters. It gives us a sense of significance, relevance... Read More

Are you making these 3 press release mistakes?
Posted on 01-26-2018 by Alyssa Vorhees

One of the most important tasks PR professionals handle is the creation and distribution of press releases. You're expected to include all necessary details that explain an important - and potentially transformational - development, and it’s... Read More

Wintering Corruption Risk in Sport: What Companies Can Do
Posted on 01-26-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Nothing attracts controversy like a global sporting event, and with the winter games about to kick off—or rather, ski, skate and bobsleigh off—in South Korea on February 9, let’s take a look at how it has been faring on the bribery,... Read More

Learning from H&M: How media monitoring can help PR professionals in times of crisis
Posted on 01-24-2018 by Alyssa Vorhees

When retail company H&M decided to post an ad on the British version of its website displaying a young black child wearing a sweatshirt with the slogan "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle," the fashion company wasn't aware of the backlash... Read More

How Distrust in Media has Sparked a Revival in Deep Research & Investigative Journalism
Posted on 01-23-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Skepticism is alive and well in 2018. Fake news or alternative facts—depending more on a person’s point of view rather than actual reality—wormed its way into our collective psyche over the course of 2016 and 2017. When combined with... Read More

The 5 Nonprofit Trends That Dominated 2017
Posted on 01-18-2018 by Lindsey Lambert

This time last year, Forbes declared that 2017 would be defined by technology across industries. This proved to be a very accurate projection, and the nonprofit sector was no exception. In twelve months, nonprofits have positioned technology to be central... Read More

Petrobras anti-bribery and corruption settlement shows rise of class actions
Posted on 01-17-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Petrobras recently agreed to pay $2.95 billion to settle a class action brought by investors in the United States. We look at the rise of class actions and what companies should do to limit the risk of bribery and corruption. A major settlement ... Read More

6 Social Media Insights Influencing PR
Posted on 01-16-2018 by Alyssa Vorhees

It’s no secret that social media has pushed the PR industry to evolve. For many professionals, what started as a career built on sharing positive news with stakeholders and building relationships with editors and reporters has turned into managing... Read More

Six lessons from 2017 FCPA enforcement actions
Posted on 01-11-2018 by Ulyana Androsova

Last year, 11 companies paid just over $1.92 billion to resolve US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) enforcement actions. We take a closer look at the biggest fines and draw out six lessons on how companies should respond to bribery and corruption... Read More

Coping with compliance risk in MiFID II’s climate of change
Posted on 01-08-2018 by Ulyana Androsova

A few days into MiFID II and the financial services industry in Europe—and by extension, the rest of the world—has started dealing with a daily storm of activity related to reforms that are as all-pervasive and in many ways as indistinct as... Read More

4 Steps to Take Your Media Relationships from Not to Hot
Posted on 01-05-2018 by Alyssa Vorhees

As a PR or marketing professional, you understand how important media relationships are. But finding your perfect matches—and keeping them engaged—can be more stressful than speed dating or ‘bumbling’ along with an app. And really... Read More

3 Actions to take this Year to Become more Confident in your Research
Posted on 01-04-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Being prepared is not just a motto, but a way of life, according to the Boy Scouts of America: “Being prepared means having the ability to deal with the many tough challenges life presents—that’s what Scouting is all about.” The... Read More