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How Successful Teams are Working Together for Better Productivity, Insights and Integration

Posted on 01-24-2019 by Korinne Bressler

Even though teams are becoming more spread apart due to the growing global landscape, it’s more of a requirement that teams collaborate for the best results. As a researcher, what does this mean for you? No matter what your industry, the days of working in silos and relying solely on your own brainpower or technology solutions are over. Today is about collaborative insights, 360-degree information and sharable data that anyone can use.

LexisNexis Executive Vice President of Strategy and Business Development Ritu Khanna recently identified key trends impacting how researchers work together:

1.  The Proliferation of Web and Social Content

The rise in online content means that information is becoming more and more democratized. Getting to the numbers, facts and content doesn’t rely on subscription services, proprietary tools or business partners. Anyone can find anything. But this poses its own challenges. Just because you can find something, is it the right thing? Is it accurate? Complete? Unbiased? A good use of time?

As you consider how your teams handle web and social content, think about collaborating in smart ways. First, make sure you have a tool that allows you to share, comment on and organize what you’ve found. LexisNexis’s upgraded Nexis solution is built for just that – agile sharing and commenting so teams know where everyone is in the review process and what everyone is thinking. It’s the most efficient way to keep up with the pace of online content. Secondly, be sure you’re using a content solution that is trusted and vetted. Get access to content sources that are continually updated and curated by editorial experts you can trust.

2.  Customers Value Insights Over Information

Be sure you’re developing deep insights that move business forward by leveraging the opinions and points of view of your entire team. Nexis allows you to search and share with anyone, anywhere. This means that even if your team members are on the go or not immediately available, you can still benefit from what they have to offer. You can save documents with annotations and highlights to a folder and then share the folder with your
co-workers. They can then annotate and highlight the documents. It’s never been simpler to build holistic insights.

3.  An Increase in Visualization, Analytics and Collaboration Tools

The good news is that new tools are emerging to help you deliver the collaboration customers expect, and now Nexis is one of them. By starting with Nexis, you can ensure you’re sharing, editing and working together as effectively as possible, without ever leaving Nexis. Once you’ve uncovered your insights, be sure you develop them in reports that are easy to digest no matter the skill level of the people reviewing them. There are design tools available that create engaging, streamlined and highly visual reports and infographics. By using these programs, you’ll not only have a more engaged audience, you’ll more easily prove the value real research provides. A few free or inexpensive options to consider are canva.com, piktochart.com, visme.com and Google Charts.

Nexis Fosters Collaboration with New Solutions

If you’re ready to work together for improved outcomes, Nexis can help you and your team get there. Nexis, and our newest upgrades to the solution researchers trust, helps you collaborate, search and share on your terms. It’s the tool designed to go beyond being a reference tool toward being a decision tool.

If you’re ready to change how you research and work together, check out these solutions and resources developed specifically for enhancing your research efforts.

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