The Competitive Ten-Year Challenge: Keep Up, Or Go Down
Posted on 02-21-2019 by Korinne Bressler

If you’ve been on social media since the beginning of the new year, you’ve likely seen iterations of the 10-year challenge. For those who missed it, it’s a recent trend for users to share photos that span a decade to demonstrate how... Read More

How AI Benefits our Society
Posted on 02-21-2019 by Korinne Bressler

Buzzwords such as “AI”, “machine learning” and “Big Data” have without doubt become a major topic in today’s tech scene and they are here to stay. But the innovation force behind Artificial Intelligence and its... Read More

How corruption contributes to the crisis of democracy worldwide
Posted on 02-20-2019 by Lisa Thompson

Transparency International’s just-published annual Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) reveals the world’s most corrupt countries in 2018. Introduced in 1995, the CPI currently ranks 180 countries and territories worldwide by their perceived... Read More

Before you say, ‘Be Mine’, be mindful of forced labor risk
Posted on 02-13-2019 by Lisa Thompson

The Valentine’s Day pressure is on. What gift will you choose to express your love to your sweetheart? Chocolate, roses and jewelry usually top the list of options—and the National Retail Federation projects that spending for Valentine's... Read More

3 Reasons the Fashion Industry Fails on ESG Standards
Posted on 02-08-2019 by Lisa Thompson

Paris, Milan, New York—The biggest fashion houses take center stage in the coming weeks. And when the buzz starts, the fashion industry will race to take the couture collections from the runways to the more affordable racks of retailers. But in... Read More

Competitive Intelligence: Three Lessons Learned from the Big Game
Posted on 02-08-2019 by Korinne Bressler

In the United States, competition doesn’t get much fiercer than it does at the Super Bowl. The culminating matchup of the National (American) Football League, it’s a television event that draws viewers from around the world. In addition, the... Read More

3 ways risk management technology improves productivity
Posted on 02-08-2019 by Lisa Thompson

February is Time Management month. It’s only fitting, when you think about it. After setting those lofty resolutions for 2019 in January, wrangling control of your time is a crucial component of achieving your personal AND professional goals. One... Read More

Your Library + Digital Natives: Transforming Research into Better Results
Posted on 02-04-2019 by Korinne Bressler

The world of academic research has changed. The current generation of students have grown up with always-on internet, smart phones and social platforms--and they want their research experiences to be just as fast, convenient and intuitive as googling... Read More