Happy Holidays: How Brands Can Leverage Novel Holidays to Get Noticed.
Posted on 03-25-2019 by Alyssa Vorhees

Chances are high that you’re reading this on a holiday. Whether it’s something fun like the International Pancake Day (March 12) or a day with a bit more weight such as World Malaria Day (April 25), hardly a day passes by that isn’t... Read More

The Benefits of Building a Competitive Crisis Plan
Posted on 03-14-2019 by Alyssa Vorhees

For most communications and public relations professionals, crisis planning is a relatively standard tactic in the professional tool belt. While the timing of a crisis can’t always be predicted, PR leaders—together with management—frequently... Read More

Do you need to conduct a data privacy risk assessment?
Posted on 03-13-2019 by Lisa Thompson

March 15 is World Consumer Rights Day , and this year’s theme is ‘Trust in Smart Devices.’ Innumerable devices populate the digital landscape—from wristbands that track every step taken to smartphones that instantly connect users... Read More

3 Compelling Reasons to Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility
Posted on 03-12-2019 by Lisa Thompson

If you’re a social media user, you’ve likely seen plenty of posts about what people—even those without a religious affiliation—are giving up for Lent. There are the usual suspects, of course: chocolate, alcohol, bread. But a recent... Read More