Is your Artificial Intelligence project doomed to fail? Avoiding pitfalls and adopting best practice in AI projects
Posted on 07-08-2019 by Korinne Bressler

After decades of false dawns, the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is finally upon us. AI has talked its way into consumer consciousness via Alexa and Siri, while unprecedented access to big data sources and the cloud computing power needed to analyse them enables businesses in all sectors to pursue... Read More

Nokia Chair Offers Insights into Artificial Intelligence
Posted on 01-10-2019 by Korinne Bressler

When Risto Siilasmaa realized that Artificial Intelligence (AI) would transform the technology industry, he decided he had to learn what it was all about. Now the chair of Nokia’s board of directors is making sure all 100,000 of the company’s employees understand AI, Machine Learning (ML... Read More

Companies boost compliance with regulatory technology
Posted on 12-26-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Regulatory technology (RegTech) refers to technology that assists companies to meet growing regulatory requirements. Banks are set to invest more in RegTech in 2019, because they see it as a cost-effective and efficient way to respond to growing regulatory complexity around AML and KYC requirements.... Read More

Lloyds banks on technology in 2020 strategy
Posted on 12-18-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Lloyds Bank has set an ambitious three-year strategy to “digitize” the group. In its strategic review for 2018-20, Lloyds intends to use technology like data analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to gain new insights which can transform key parts of its business. This is just the latest... Read More

Chinese news agency Xinhua launches first Artificial Intelligence (AI) news anchor
Posted on 11-27-2018 by Korinne Bressler

The state news agency of China has launched a digital version of its regular news presenter. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) this version can keep breaking news stories 24 hours a day. Working in collaboration with search engine company Sogou, Chinese state news agency Xinhua showcased a digital... Read More

HSBC Bets on Big Data with New Recruitment Drive
Posted on 10-31-2018 by Korinne Bressler

HSBC is recruiting 1,000 digital experts as it seeks to expand its use of big data. This significant investment shows that companies in the financial services are recognizing the possibility for big data to transform the industry. Big data at heart of new strategy The UK-based bank’s recruitment... Read More

Unlocking the Power of Data for Your Organization: Leveraging Insights for Better Decision Making and Real Growth
Posted on 05-18-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Data scientists are playing an increasingly important role in organizations – from introducing new technologies like AI and machine learning to harnessing the power of the large amounts of information that often already exist inside company walls. And as the ability to generate and leverage data... Read More

What Does Machine Learning Have to Do with Identifying Risk?
Posted on 05-09-2018 by Lisa Thompson

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence whereby computers use algorithms to analyse data to identify patterns and build predictive models. With a minimum of human intervention, the models are automatically adapted to produce increasingly reliable and insightful results as they are exposed... Read More

4 Strategies for Transforming Data into Insights that Drive Change
Posted on 04-04-2018 by Korinne Bressler

Whether you’re a data scientist or an insurance industry analyst, data is a critical part of your life. There are more and more data sources to choose from; simultaneously, organizations are demanding more from their data. It’s not enough to provide individual statistics. Today, businesses... Read More

5 Tips From PR Professionals to Remain Career-Relevant
Posted on 04-12-2017 by Anna Stevens

In such a fast paced world, it is important to continuously develop a skill set that helps you remain career-relevant, especially in the PR world. Recently, we hosted a webinar with three PR experts: Lauren Doyle, Vice President of Wordsworth Communication, Sean Parker, Vice President & PR Director... Read More

Using Analytics to Gain Competitive Insight
Posted on 06-03-2016 by Janelle Coates

Last year, Millward Brown , a global brand strategy and advertising organization, predicted a “mind shift in focus from ‘big’ data to streamlined ‘intelligent’ data.” Of course, that’s easier said than done, especially when the volume and velocity of information... Read More

Analyzing Big Data Without Big Headaches
Posted on 05-27-2016 by Megan Burnside

The presidential election. Beyoncé. The NBA playoffs. Prince. You might wonder what each of these entities have in common, but a scroll through social media or visit to your favorite news outlet can answer that question. Each of the above topics has become ubiquitous to our pop culture landscape... Read More

Informative Webinar Tackles Media Analytics & Visualization
Posted on 07-31-2015 by Mary Frericks

Feeling the pressure to deliver business insights? These days, you face huge challenges—keeping pace with 24/7/365 news and social media and sifting out valuable nuggets of insight to share across your organization. Check out this Webinar to learn how leveraging integrated tools to curate, analyze... Read More

A Prime Example of Monitoring Media for Tracking Competitors and Assessing Customer Sentiment
Posted on 07-17-2015 by Megan Burnside

The consumer world just experienced its first ever “Prime Day,” so named because Amazon® Prime members enjoyed the equivalent of that post-turkey dinner retail extravaganza known as Black Friday. Did the event live up to the hype? Determined to track the event as it happened, we set up... Read More

The 4 characteristics of successful information professionals
Posted on 07-16-2015 by Mary Frericks

Today’s information professionals play a critical role in managing the endless stream of information generated in a fragmented media landscape. The challenge lies in curating and analyzing this mass of data to provide meaningful insights that can be shared across the organization. Here we discuss... Read More

Making the Leap to Enhanced Media Monitoring and Analytics
Posted on 07-10-2015 by Megan Burnside

Marketing and competitive intelligence professionals are expected know what’s trending now and anticipate the future. With content being created every second of every day, it is difficult to monitor—let alone analyze for insights. LexisNexis® Media Analytics Solutions Specialists Ryan... Read More

Tackling the Big Issue for Modern Marketers: Is Our Marketing Effective?
Posted on 06-23-2015 by Mary Frericks

Recently, we were pleased to sponsor the AMA Webinar, “Using Media Analytics to Determine Marketing Effectiveness.” Led by digital marketing expert Jason Burby, the Webinar focused on the common problems marketers face, how media intelligence can help and the importance of clear business... Read More

Demystifying data visualization
Posted on 04-17-2015 by Mary Frericks

Perhaps it began with a cave drawing – one early human trying to quantify the benefits of hunting versus gathering. Soon those cave drawings evolved into maps, then graphs and eventually the infographic was born. One thing is clear – a picture is, as they say, ‘worth a thousand words... Read More