Hearty risk management yields healthy dividends
Posted on 04-05-2019 by Lisa Thompson

Most risk management professionals know the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” But in the digital age, you need more than an ounce of prevention when it comes to mitigating regulatory and reputational risk . It’s a lesson learned the hard way by one of the largest... Read More

Bribery in pharma: What you need to know
Posted on 01-07-2019 by Lisa Thompson

The pharmaceutical sector is one of the most-at risk industries for bribery and corruption. In a new White Paper, we look at some of the recent bribery enforcement actions against pharma firms and strengthened anti-bribery legislation. And we suggest ten steps for enhanced risk mitigation. Rising... Read More

Why Pharma & Biomed Companies’ Risk Analysis Processes are Due for a Check-Up
Posted on 07-18-2018 by Lisa Thompson

Just three years ago, Teva Pharmaceuticals, a drug-maker in Israel, disclosed to both the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice that an on-going internal probe had revealed possible violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and/or local laws. Ultimately... Read More

Step Up Your Risk Assessments for Pharma-focused Due Diligence
Posted on 02-01-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Bio-Technology—all of these industries face great challenges when it comes to proactively mitigating risk. When PwC interviewed Horizon Pharma president and CEO Timothy P. Walbert for its annual CEO Survey, Walbert acknowledged the difficulties saying, “Whether... Read More

Compliance Fines Take a Bite Out of Pharma Companies’ Bottom Lines
Posted on 01-22-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

The sharks are circling. On the heels of last fall’s announcement of a $14.7 million payment for FCPA violations in China by Bristol-Myers Squibb, compliance investigators are paying even closer attention to the Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences industries. Forbes noted that Teva Pharmaceuticals... Read More

Pharma Industry Faces Rough Seas When it Comes to Compliance Risk
Posted on 01-14-2016 by Ulyana Androsova

Would you set sail with your family without reassuring yourself that the boat is well-equipped to reach your destination safely? Probably not. Yet, time and again, we see proof that companies voyage into the global business operations with a limited view of potential compliance threats. In recent years... Read More