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Solar Tax Caps Leave Louisianans In Lurch

A year ago Louisiana lawmakers, faced with worsening budget troubles, decided to cap the amount of solar tax credits the state issues each year through that program’s 2017 sunset date. Making matters worse for some solar-adopting residents, the state’s lawmakers also capped credits - among the nation’s most generous, covering up to 50 percent of the first $25,000 spent on the installation of a rooftop solar system - for those who purchased their system before the limits were even proposed, leaving them on the hook for thousands of dollars in unexpected costs.


“I can't believe it’s my own state government doing this to me. If this were a business that did this, the government would get involved and shut them down,” said James Michael Baker, who will have to tap into retirement savings to cover the $12,500 coming due on the solar system he had installed on his home last year. “It’s bad to do this to people. It’s just wrong.” (TIMES-PICAYUNE [NEW ORLEANS])