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Generative AI Has State Legislatures Rushing to Take Action

January 03, 2024 (1 min read)



Interest in Artificial Intelligence Creates a Flurry of Legislative Activity

Not too long ago the social conversation about generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools—which utilize algorithms to generate seemingly original content including text, images and audio—was a curious science fiction discussion. Suddenly, it is very real and is stirring up emotions that range from excitement to fear. Concerns about runaway AI have created a flurry of activity in the halls of legislative buildings and among government regulators.

States Are Taking the Lead in Regulating Artificial Intelligence

While Congress is debating how to regulate AI, state legislatures are rushing into the regulatory gap, introducing and enacting measures addressing the development and use of AI, as the State Net Capitol Journal™ previously reported. More than half of the states have now considered or enacted measures related to AI since the start of 2023, according to the State Net legislative and regulatory tracking service.

As the volume of enacted and proposed state laws begins to accelerate, specific themes to those measures are taking shape.

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