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Education - May 8 2017

Louisiana Approves HB 79

The LOUISIANA House unanimously approves HB 79, which would ban the paddling of disabled students at Pelican State public schools. The bill moves to the Senate (ADVOCATE [BATON ROUGE]).

Arizona Signs SB 1042

ARIZONA Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signs SB 1042, which allows school districts, not the state Board of Education, to decide whether an applicant is eligible to teach. It takes effect 90 days after the Legislature adjourns (ARIZONA REPUBLIC [PHOENIX]).

Texas Approves SB 179

The TEXAS Senate approves SB 179, which requires Lone Star State public schools to create cyberbullying policies and establish methods for students to anonymously report cyberbullying. Under those guidelines schools would have 24 hours to tell a victim’s parents about reports of bullying, and would also be required to inform a bully’s parents if an investigation confirms a violation. The measure, which also creates a class B misdemeanor, rising to a class A misdemeanor, for those previously convicted of cyberbullying or if the bullying was done toward a victim under age 18 with the intent to provoke a suicide or self-harm, moves to the House (AUSTIN AMERICAN-STATESMAN).