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The Trump Effect

California has a wide array of folks running to replace soon-to-be-termed-out Gov. Jerry Brown in 2018, most of them your standard Dems or Reeps promising the same things Dems and Reeps always say to fire up their base enough to at least get through the primaries. And then there is Nickolas Wildstar, a Libertarian candidate who takes his inspiration from reality TV star-turned-president Donald Trump. As author Jeff Pearlman reports via his blog The Quaz, Wildstar – a 6’ 4”, 200 pound African-American rap artist with long dreadlocks and a name that sounds more like a fit for porn than politics - isn’t exactly a guy one would figure to be a Trumpster. Alas, Wildstar admits he is only inspired by Trump’s winning an election most sane people figured he could never win. Let’s just hope that if he does pull off a shocker Wildstar will stay the heck off Twitter.