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Social Policy - August 21 2017

Texas Fails To Endorse SB 6

In a special session, the TEXAS House fails to endorse SB 6, which would have required residents to use the bathroom that matches their genetic makeup at birth. It is the second time this year the Lone Star State House has declined to take up a so-called “bathroom bill” (TEXAS TRIBUNE).

Texas Signs HB 214

Also in TEXAS, Gov. Greg Abbott (R) signs HB 214, which will require women to purchase an extra health insurance policy to cover non-emergency abortions. The bill does not include any exceptions for rape, incest or fetal abnormalities (TEXAS TRIBUNE).

Oregon Signs HB 3391

OREGON Gov. Kate Brown (D) signs HB 3391, legislation that requires health insurance companies to cover contraceptive and abortion services at no cost to the patient. The measure also allocates $500,000 from the state General Fund to cover abortions for unauthorized immigrants not eligible for coverage under Medicaid (STATESMAN JOURNAL [SALEM]).