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Majority Of States Have Adopted “Skills Equity” Policies

 Thirty-one states have adopted policies aimed at expanding access to middle-skill jobs, those that require education and training beyond high school but not a college degree and which comprise the biggest share of the labor market, according to the National Skills Coalition. More than half of those states have implemented two or more of the “skills equity” policies supported by the NSC, which include: integrated education and training, allowing individuals to address education gaps while simultaneously training for in-demand occupations; stackable credentials, sparing recipients of certificate or other non-degree programs seeking higher level certificates or degrees from having to repeat education and training; job-driven financial aid, providing grants or tuition waivers for those in middle-skill training jobs; and alignment, offering a pathway for low-income, low-skill adults to attain postsecondary credentials or higher levels of employment.


Source: National Skills Coalition