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Business - April 23 2018

CA Senate Rejects SB 827

The CALIFORNIA Senate Committee on Transportation and Housing rejects SB 827, which would have forced cities to allow taller, denser development around public transit (CAL MATTERS [SACRAMENTO]).

WI Governor Signs AB 771

WISCONSIN Gov. Scott Walker (R) signs AB 771, legislation that says local governments can inspect rental properties only in blighted areas or in areas with decreasing property values or increases in single-family home conversions to rental units. If violations are not found, or if the violation is corrected within a month, inspectors may not return to inspect the property for five years (U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT).

LA Approves HB 484

The LOUISIANA House approves HB 484, which would legalize daily fantasy sports games in the Pelican State. The measure, which would allow individual parishes to approve or reject fantasy sports games through a November ballot initiative, moves to the Senate (TIMES-PICAYUNE [NEW ORLEANS]).

NE Governor LB 596

NEBRASKA Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) signs LB 596, which exempts equine, cat, and dog massage practices from licensing and regulation restrictions (NEBRASKA TV [KEARNEY]).

AZ Governor Signs HB 2588

ARIZONA Gov. Doug Ducey (R) signs HB 2588, a bill that makes it illegal to “fraudulently misrepresent” an animal as a service animal to anyone who operates a public place or business. Violators face fines up to $250 (ARIZONA REPUBLIC [PHOENIX]).