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We’ve Heard Dumber, But Not Sure When

In our polarized and often fact-challenged world, few political utterances surprise us any longer. And then there was this: Kentucky Gov. Mat Bevin railing against teachers protesting a shady pension overhaul he signed into law a few weeks ago by claiming teachers were exposing children to drug and sexual abuse “because there was nobody there to watch them.” Whaaaaat? Yep, apparently every single person who came to the Capitol to protest left a child home alone with either a sex predator or a dope user. Or maybe a dope-using sex predator. He later apologized – after getting scorched by just about everyone, including his Fellow Republicans - saying he was sorry if his words had “hurt a lot people.” Okay. Some might recall this is not his first go around with mea culpa. As the Lexington Courier-Journal reports, a few years back he issued this one after he made a speech...at a pro-cockfighting rally. Hmmm. You know, maybe it’s Matt Bevin who ought not to be left alone.