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But Do You ‘Like’ Like Him?

If this political year hasn’t already been weird enough for you, try this on for size: a Virginia Congressional candidate is denying his interest in legendary forest creature Bigfoot is sexual in nature. Yes, as Vox reports, candidate Denver Riggleman gave a six-minute interview to an online conservative talk show in which he defended people’s right to “believe in whatever Bigfoot they want,” including one that emits “psychic terror vibes” against its victims “to make you run through the woods and crash into the trees,” permitting Bigfoot to forcibly impregnate them. Uh, okay. Perhaps the bigger issue has been Riggleman’s series of social media posts featuring Bigfoot’s man parts. So we at least know Riggleman thinks Bigfoot is a man. And that he likes pictures that, uh, prove it. You can’t make this up.