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Dems Outside DC Join Push for Statehood

Some progressive Democrats outside Washington, D.C. are jumping on the bandwagon for making the District the 51st state. Dan Pfeiffer, an aide to former president Barack Obama, has been advocating for statehood on the “Pod Save America” podcast he co-hosts, saying it should be a top priority for Democrats if they control Congress and the White House in 2020. And New York-based Democratic pollster Matt McDermott has been pushing statehood to his 71,000 Twitter followers as a way for Democrats to counter what he sees as overt partisanship on the part of the GOP.


“There are countless examples now of Republicans trying to erode norms to benefit and maximize chances of them trying to maintain power,” he said. “Republicans are being obvious in their partisanship. It’s about time Democrats be obvious in theirs.”


But Beverly Perry, a senior adviser to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) who oversees the bipartisan strategy for statehood that the mayor’s administration is pursuing, strongly opposes the idea of making statehood a partisan issue.


“There is nothing that I think disturbs me more than people presuming what our would-be senators would do,” she said. “That’s unfair to our residents to assume that our would-be senators would be on any side of the aisle or would take any particular position.” (WASHINGTON POST)