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Health & Science - September 17 2018

TN no longer covers OxyContin

In an effort to combat the ongoing opioid abuse epidemic, health insurer BlueCross BlueShield announces it will stop covering OxyContin prescriptions in TENNESSEE. BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee reps say the company will instead encourage doctors to prescribe two other painkillers engineered to be more difficult to abuse (TENNESSEAN [NASHVILLE]).

CA Governor signs AB 595 and AB 2760

CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs AB 595, which requires health insurers seeking to merge to first obtain permission from the state Department of Managed Health Care, which will have the power to block the transaction (MODERN HEALTHCARE). CALIFORNIA Gov. Jerry Brown (D) signs AB 2760, legislation that requires high-risk patients be prescribed the overdose reversal drug naloxone when receiving prescriptions for opioids. The measure goes into effect in January (EUREKA TIMES-STANDARD).