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Born In the USA

Americans are notoriously inept at geography, but one might think we’d at least be up to speed on our own country. Uh, not so much. As the Las Cruces Sun News reports, former New Mexico Secretary of State candidate Gavin Clarkson was recently turned down for a marriage license by the District of Columbia Courts Marriage Bureau for not having U.S.-issued identification. The clerk apparently did not realize that New Mexico is one of the 50 states. Worse yet, when the clerk checked with her boss she was told Clarkson needed to produce a New Mexico passport. Perhaps the most comical moment came when the clerk complimented Clarkson on how well he speaks English. The Bureau eventually figured it all out and Clarkson and his fiancé were given their license. And presumably the word was spread around that The Land of Enchantment is an actual part of the United States now.