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Truly the Greatest Generation

Funerals for heads of state are always solemn affairs, as they should be. On occasion, they also lend themselves to moments that elevate all of us to a higher place. Such was the case last Monday in Washington D.C., where many came to pay their respects to former President George Herbert Walker Bush, whose body was lying in state at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. Among them was former Kansas Senator and two-time GOP presidential candidate Bob Dole, now 95 years old and confined to a wheelchair. Or he was until, with some assistance, he rose from his chair to offer Bush – like Dole, a World War II combat veteran – a final salute. The two had twice been bitter rivals for the GOP presidential nomination, but over time became fast colleagues and friends. And in the twilight of their lives, they have remained examples of the kind of dignity and respect for others to we wish all our public officials would adhere. Not mentioning anyone in particular.