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The Local Front - March 11 2019

San Diego City Council Gives Initial Approval

The SAN DIEGO City Council gives initial approval to a proposal to eliminate parking requirements for new housing developments that are within a half-mile of a public transit stop. Downtown housing developments will also be capped at one parking space per unit rather than per bedroom. The measure must pass one more vote to become law (TIMES OF SAN DIEGO).

Inglewood City Council Unanimously Approves Ordinance

The INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA City Council unanimously approves an ordinance that temporarily limits rent increases and bans evictions while the city tries to develop a plan for dealing with skyrocketing rents. The ordinance will prevent landlords during a 45-day period from raising rents by more than 5 percent and evicting tenants for any reasons other than criminal activity or drug use in the rental property (LOS ANGELES TIMES).

Philadelphia City Council Endorses Ordinance

The PHILADELPHIA City Council endorses an ordinance that requires retailers to accept legal tender. The new law takes effect on July 1 and imposes a $2,000 fine on businesses that refuse to accept cash for payment of good and services (NEW YORK TIMES).


-- Compiled by RICH EHISEN