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I Beg To Differ

Since the end of World War II, Swiss officials have required various food importers and retailers to stockpile a variety of products considered staples to mitigate the impact of another war. But one of those staples is about to come off the “must stockpile” list: coffee. Yes, as the Associated Press reports, Swiss officials have determined that coffee is not crucial to human survival and thus should not be hoarded to get folks through in the case of war or even an epic natural disaster. Well, let me tell you something – the lack of coffee would be a natural disaster. It would also constitute an act of war for someone to not ensure that doesn’t happen. And I’m not the only one. Of the 15 companies required by law to stockpile coffee, 12 have asked the government to reconsider. Presumably because they don’t want to be the ones trying to stop coffee-crazed residents from storming their outlets should the need arise.