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Not In My Posh Back Yard

It’s a safe bet that many of the folks living in the affluent Bay Area suburb of Hillsborough grew up on the 1960s-era Flintstones cartoon. But city officials have filed suit against a wealthy homeowner who has turned her entire property into a homage to Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and Dino. As the Associated Press reports, that tribute includes painting the house red and purple and placing a vast array of large sculptures depicting the characters around the grounds. City officials complain that the whimsical motif doesn’t jibe with the rest of the neighborhood’s well-manicured environs. A lawyer for 84-year-old Betty Yang counters that they are just being snobs, saying “Mrs. Fang has made people smile, she’s giving them joy. What’s not to love about Dino, who acts like a dog? What is wrong with these people?” A judge will soon answer that question.