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OR on Verge of Joining National Popular Vote Movement

Oregon appears poised to become the next state to join the National Popular Vote Compact, after the state’s Senate approved legislation to do so last week.


Bills to ratify that agreement, which pledges the electoral votes of its signatory states to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote if enough states to constitute an electoral majority do the same, have been introduced in the state repeatedly but have never been voted on by the full Senate. The reason for that is Senate President Peter Courtney (D) has opposed apportioning the state’s electoral votes without getting the approval of voters first.


But Courtney finally decided to allow a vote, and after a spirited debate, this year’s bill, SB 870, passed 17-12, with three Democrats, including Courtney, opposing it and two Republicans supporting it.


SB 870 moved on to the House, which has passed similar measures four times since 2007. The office of Gov. Kate Brown (D) has also indicated she supports the bill. (OREGON PUBLIC BROADCASTING, LEXISNEXIS STATE NET)