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Florida Man Does Good

These days, any sentence that includes the words “Florida man” is usually ends in a tale of someone doing something ignorant, criminal or both. So kudos to Florida state Sen. Joe Gruters for flipping that narrative around. As the Tampa Bay Times reports, Gruters has authored legislation that would make it a crime to leave a dog tied up outside when its humans bug out to avoid an impending disaster. Those wretched souls who do will face a year in the pokey or a hefty fine, neither of which is harsh enough in my book but better than nothing at all. Several Sunshine State cities already have local laws barring such heinous behavior, but Gruters’ bill (SB 1738) would make it statewide. “We want to give dogs a fighting chance,” he says, and so far his colleagues have agreed. The measure has cleared the Senate Agriculture Committee and is now with the Criminal Justice Committee.